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  • Cute handmade wire wrapped rings with natural blue-toned Amazonit gemstones. The rings are made with 20 gauge gold-colored copper wire that is tarnish resistant.

    Linked to female warriors, Amazonite is said to have adorned the shields of Amazonian tribal women warriors hailing from roughly 10th century B.C.

    Known as the “hope” stone, the Amazonite crystal is an excellent manifestation tool.

    Stone-size: 7-9mm; Wire: 1 mm

    The ring size can be easily determined with a piece of paper. Place strips of paper (5 mm width is ideal) around your finger so that it can be easily slipped over. Mark where the paper wraps around your finger and cut off at the mark. Lay the cut strip lengthwise on a ruler place it, read the number and the ring size is already determined, example: 5.8 cm (58 mm) corresponds to the ring size 58.

    "Amazonite" Ring

    21,00 €Preis

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